What Makes Dyson Better

What Makes Dyson Better than Other Vacuums

You probably have heard the rave reviews about how great the Dyson vacuum cleaners are you may be wondering what makes them better than any of the other vacuum models that are available on the market. Since Dyson’s vacuums fall in the upper end of the price scale when compared to its competitors, it can be quite difficult to decide what makes Dyson the best vacuum cleaners when compared to the rest.

Dyson, unlike other vacuum models offers its patented Root Cyclone technology on all its models ranging from the Dyson DC07 up to the Dyson DC25. This technology allows the vacuum to not loose suction, no matter how full the dust canister gets. While bagged vacuums from manufacturers like Oreck and Miele claim that their vacuums don’t loose suction like Dyson, it is nearly impossible for a bag to provide the same suction power that it provided from day one. Since most users will utilize the same bag for multiple rooms in their home, the bags are highly susceptible to being clogged by microscopic particles of dust which can hinder the bags performance. Unless you plan on wasting your money and utilizing one bag per room, odds are you will soon realize that the vacuum’s performance slowly starts to dwindle as the bag fills.

No matter how strong the suction power, the more “fluff” you stick in a bag, the more it will hinder suction performance because the vacuum has more stuff that it needs to suck through in order to provide the same cleaning power it did when the bag was empty. These bags are also quite costly, and if you figure in how many bags you may need to purchase over the life of your vacuum, you may find that you will soon be spending much more on bags than the price of a high quality bagless vacuum cleaner. Dyson’s are top vacuum cleaners that do not contain a bag, and they will not loose suction, no matter how full the bin gets.

DC16 Animal

Emptying the dust bin or bag can be quite messy when it comes to other vacuums. I vividly remember the puff of dust that would occur every time I had to remove the bag from the canister on my Electrolux vacuum cleaner. While the bag contained a sealing rubber-like sheathe that covered the hole of the bag, the seal never closed quick enough when the hose feed popped out of it. While bag changing did not result in a huge mess, it’s still enough of a pain, especially when you run the risk of inhaling any of the dust particles that should have been kept contained in the bag.

Manufacturers like Hoover also offer bagless vacuum cleaners, but emptying them is still quite tedious and messy. Some upright models have the filter in the dust bin, making it nearly impossible to get all the dust and pet fur out of the bin. I had previously owned a Hoover Windtunnel, and emptying the dust bin always required a hand washing after emptying the bin. Normally the filter needed to be removed and cleared of dust and fur as well as the dividing screen needed to be scraped clean, which after the first use is nearly impossible to get back to the same condition it once was.

Dyson allows you to avoid touching the dust and dirt particles that are contained in the dust container by providing users with an easy to empty dust bin. Just place the bin over the garbage, press one button and the “trap door” on the bottom of the bin swings open releasing it contents. No need to mess with hard to clean dust bins or cumbersome bags, the Dyson allows you to empty the bin without dirtying your hands.

DC15 Ball All Floors

Other manufacturers also offer powered handheld vacuum cleaner attachments that claim to provide the same cleaning power that can be found with Dyson. My first experience with a powered handheld tool was with the Hoover Windtunnel. This vacuum provided what looks like a miniature version of its full size beater bar, just small enough to fit in your hand. This feature is supposed to be great for pet hair removal or cleaning of any other surface that the main power head cannot reach.

The nozzle never worked well because as soon as you touched it to any surface the bar would stop spinning. Cleaning the stairs was nearly impossible because as soon as you barely touched the head to the carpet it would come to a halt, but the Dyson Turbo Tool is different. No matter what the surface the power tool keeps spinning due to the constant suction provided by Dyson’s Root Cyclone technology. This allows you to provide a deep down clean to the carpet on your stairs or give you the ability to remove the pesky pet fur from your couch.

The best feature that Dyson has that no other manufacturer can even claim to have is the Dyson Ball. This feature provides users with a new method of driving their vacuum which makes cleaning around furniture and any other obstacles a breeze. It is clearly why Dyson is considered one of the best rated vacuum cleaners. This feature is available on the Dyson DC15, DC24 and DC25.

Dyson DC25 Animal Upright

While all other vacuum manufacturers offer the standard four wheel technology that can be quite cumbersome to maneuver around furniture or into tight spaces, Dyson’s Ball technology has changed all that. With this technology, users just need to twist their wrist and the vacuum will go exactly where you point it. No other vacuum manufacturer has this technology, and while it may require re-learning how to “drive” your vacuum, it will make your cleaning chores much easier.

In conclusion, Dyson offers users quality cleaning features that its competitors can never seem to match. While other manufactures may claim that their models can provide the same constant suction power as a Dyson, make sure you try it for yourself. While all models will perform at their best when brand new, only Dyson delivers the same quality suction power no matter its age and it’s sure to provide quality cleaning performance for years to come. Be sure to check out the other Dyson vacuum guides and articles on DysonReviews.com. We offer numerous Dyson vacuum reviews and Dyson vacuum ratings supplied by actual vacuum cleaner owners and users who have posted their feedback on this site.