New or Refurbished Dyson

Should You Buy a New or Refurbished Dyson Vacuum Cleaner?

If purchasing a new Dyson vacuum cleaner is on your wish list, but you just can’t bring yourself to spend the large sum of money required to obtain a new model, there is another option. Many internet retailers offer consumers the option to purchase refurbished Dyson vacuum cleaners at a fraction of the cost. While these models may have some scratches or visible wear, performance is as good, if not better than a vacuum that just came out of the box.

Some buyers may be turned off by the term “refurbished” or “factory reconditioned” because they think these models have some sort of defect from the factory that will cause nothing but issues for them in the long run. In reality, refurbished, or remanufactured vacuums are machines that have been returned to the manufacturer for any number of reasons, and have been restored to like new condition. Machines normally get returned for simple cosmetic defects or loose connection problems that may prevent the machine from performing at its full potential.

These machines are then repaired, retested, and guaranteed to perform as well as their brand new counterparts. These models normally come equipped with a 6 month limited warranty that gives the buyer the piece of mind needed, just in case issues arise with the refurbished model. They come in three categories: Dyson upright vacuum cleaners, Dyson canister vacuum cleaners, and Dyson handheld vacuum cleaners.

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Factory reconditioned Dyson models can also be classified as vacuums that have failed their initial test in the manufacturing process. If the vacuum was assembled and subsequently failed final inspection due to a problem such as a loose wire, the vacuum will need to be reworked. The work that is required to fix the problem, and then pass final inspection will prevent it from being classified as a new vacuum, and in turn it becomes a refurbished model. These models perform as good, if not better than the new models at a fraction of the cost. Since they have to go through a second run of testing, any lurking issues are resolved, allowing users to purchase a machine that performs like new, while eliminating the added cost.

If you find yourself considering one of the newer Dyson bagless vacuum cleaner models, like the DC24 or DC25, you may have a greater chance of obtaining a vacuum that was refurbished at the factory due to manufacturing defects versus an older model such as the Dyson DC07 or the Dyson DC15 which have a greater chance of being returned by a consumer who felt it was not performing at the level they would have expected from a Dyson vacuum cleaner.

There is really no difference between a new Dyson vacuum cleaner and a refurbished one, except for the fact that the refurbished model went through rework and was tested a second time. Both offer the same Root Cyclone technology that the Dyson line of vacuums has become famous for and will provide the same suction power that can help you give your rugs the deep down clean they need.

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The dust bin is the same on these machines as well. While the bin of the refurbished model may show some slight wear and tear from its previous owner, this will on no way affect the vacuums performance. The vacuum will still serve the same purpose, and a new model will look exactly the same after a few months of use.

Vacuums, like the Dyson DC15, DC24, and DC25 which come equipped with Dyson’s Ball technology, will allow the vacuum to maneuver the exact same as if the machine was brand new. The only difference is that the ball may show some minor signs of wear which may be the only sign that the vacuum is a refurbished model. This should by no means be considered a detriment to the vacuum, especially when a new one a new one will show the same signs of wear after only a few uses.

If you are considering a refurbished Dyson, make sure it comes with the same vacuum cleaner accessories that a new Dyson would come equipped with. Take for example the Dyson DC15 Ball. If a customer returned the vacuum because of a faulty connector, they may have neglected to return the Turbo Tool with the vacuum since that may have been functioning fine. When the vacuum goes through the testing process, the manufacturer may not notice that certain accessories are missing.

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While all accessories are now available as add-ons for any of the vacuums in the Dyson line, a missing accessory may not be an issue, but you will want to make sure you are getting what you pay for. While you may still be saving hundreds of dollars on a refurbished model, the cost savings may not be worth while if you need to spend extra money just to purchase the accessories you thought were supposed to come with the machine in the first place.

If you are concerned about purchasing a refurbished vacuum for fear that you may end up purchasing a vacuum lemon, make sure you purchase your machine from a qualified retailer. While saving money is always important, you want to make sure your purchase is made from a retailer that is willing to accept returns and will refund your purchase price on the off chance that the refurbished model does not perform as advertised.

Lastly, you will need to decide whether or not you really must have a brand new vacuum. If money is no object, and you must feel the joy of being the first owner, then a refurbished model may not be the one for you. Those who would rather save some money while still being able to own the performance of a Dyson vacuum cleaner, then a refurbished vacuum may be able to provide you with the quality you desire while being easy on your wallet.

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In conclusion, a refurbished Dyson vacuum cleaner can provide the same cleaning performance but at a fraction of the cost. If you don’t mind a vacuum that shows some signs of wear, and would rather save some money while obtaining the power of a Dyson, than a refurbished model may be the way to go. Be sure to check out the other Dyson vacuum guides and articles on We offer numerous Dyson reviews and Dyson ratings supplied by actual vacuum owners and users who have posted their feedback on this site.