Dyson Vacuum Cleaner Accessories

Dyson Vacuum Cleaner Accessories and Attachments

Now that you have decided that the Dyson vacuum cleaner is the one for you, choosing the perfect model for you and your household’s needs. With so many models and available accessory levels for each model, determining which accessories you just have to have is as important as determining how much you can afford to spend on your new toy. Many accessories are available for use with all Dyson vacuum cleaners, while others are specialized towards specific models.

For those with stubborn pet stains or odors in their home, they have the option to purchase Dyson’s Zorb carpet maintenance power and Dysolv spot cleaner each separately, or they have the option to purchase the Dyson carpet cleaning kit which includes both cleaners as well as the Zorb groomer. The spot cleaner assists in removing spots from grease, food, drink and dirt. It’s pH neutral and is safe for wool and stain-resistant carpets. The carpet powder helps to freshen your carpets, leaving your home smelling fresh and clean. The Zorb groomer comes equipped with long bristles and works with the carpet powder. This accessory helps push the cleaning powder deep into your carpets, keeping them smelling fresher longer.

The Dyson carpet cleaning kit comes standard with the Animal vacuums including the Dyson DC15 and Dyson DC17. Although this accessory is marketed mainly towards pet owners, it can come in handy in any household, pet friendly or not. This accessory can be purchased separately if you ever decide you need it at a later point in time.

DC23 Motorhead

Those who live in a home with a lot of hard to reach, or hard to clean surfaces will be impressed with the additional attachments that are available for use with all of Dyson’s vacuum cleaners. While all Dyson models except for the newest DC24 Ball and DC25 Ball come equipped with a standard crevice tool, Dyson offers users the option to purchase its flexi crevice tool. This attachment takes the functionality of a standard crevice tool and improves upon it. It can bend and extend to reach those hard to reach areas that a standard crevice tool could never reach.

Dyson also offers a soft dusting brush that allows you to utilize Dyson’s strong suction power, while being delicate enough to keep your blinds, TV’s and other electronics dust free. This attachment can easily be attached to the hose or wand of any Dyson vacuum and eliminates the need to purchase another of those popular throw away dusting brushes again. The multi-angle brush is an upgraded version of the standard dusting brush. It comes equipped with a flexible neck which allows you to dust those high, hard to reach areas without straining.

Those who live in a house full of pets, kids, or both will be intrigued by the stiff bristle brush. This attachment can easliy attatch to the end of a hose or wand and can be used to remove the ground in dirt from your carpets. With it you can expend less elbow grease while still getting your carpets clean. Just keep in mind this attachment may be too tough for delicate carpets or floors.

Dyson All Floors Low Reach Attachment

Homes with allergy suffers will like the available mattress tool. Since your mattress contains a plethora of dust mites, allergy suffers know that having a way to keep their mattress free of allergens is as important as keeping their carpets fresh and clean. This attachment easily attaches to the hose or wand of any Dyson vacuum making it a breeze to keep your mattress as clean as the rest of your home.

Dyson also offers two accessory kits that are compatible with any of their upright vacuums or canister vacuums. Those who like to keep the interior of their car as clean as the interior of their home will like the car cleaning kit. If you have ever struggeled with a shop vac or similar model when it came to cleaning your car, odds are you have wished their was a better option, something that could help you give your carpets a deep down clean.

This kit offers you a car turbine head, flexi crevice tool and stubborn dirt brush. The turbine head is similar to that of the Animal Turbo tool and it helps to remove dirt and pet hair from your cars upholstery. The flexi crevice tool and stubborn dirt brush are the same accessories that are available separately, so if you already own these vacuum cleaner accessories there is no need to purchase the entire package.

Dyson Animal Low Reach Attachment

Allergy suffers will be glad to know that Dyson offers an Asthma and Allergy kit that comes complete with the most common cleaning tools. It comes complete with the soft dusting brush, mattress tool and flexi crevice tool so you can use your Dyson to remove the allergens from every corner of your home while improving the air that you breathe.
While each model comes equipped with the standard dusting, crevice and stair tool, those looking to save some money may decide to purchase one of the bare bones DC07’s that Dyson first offered. While this may save some cash, you may soon find those attachments you had skimped on could have actually come in handy. Have no fear, for each of these accessories can be purchased separately and will work with any Dyson vacuum.

Those who live in homes with an equal mix of carpets and hard floors may need some help in keeping the hard to reach areas of their floors clean. Since dust bunnies have a way of hiding under a variety of furniture, anhilating them can be quite a difficult task, especially when the head of the vacuum just can’t reach. The low reach floor tool can attach to the end of the wand and is slim enough to fit under most furniture, making it a cinch to pick up those dust bunnies.

Those who may be considering purchasing the Animal soley to get a hold of the mini turbine head will be happy to know that this accessory can now be purchased separately. On earlier models like the Dyson DC15, you had to purchase the higher priced Animal to obtain this accessory. Those who may not have been able to afford the extra cost at the time will be happy to know that they can now purchase this tool on its own. This accessory comes in handy for removing stubborn pet fur from upholstery, or any other surface that seems to attract pet fur. You would be amazed at the number of places where cat fur can turn up.

Dyson DC16 Root 6 and Attachments

In conclusion, these are some of the most common vaccum cleaner attachments and acessories available for the Dyson line of vacuum cleaners. While purchasing vacuum package complete with an array of attachments can be the most cost effective, it is not the only option. Each accessory can be purchased separately, allowing you the ability to equip your Dyson with all the tools needed to meet your cleaning needs. Be sure to check out the other Dyson vacuum guides and articles on DysonReviews.com. We offer numerous Dyson vacuum cleaner reviews and Dyson vacuum cleaner ratings supplied by actual owners and users who have posted their feedback on this site.