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Light Weight4.

Dyson DC24 Review

Dyson DC24 Vacuum Cleaner

Dyson DC24 Reviews and Ratings

With the array of dual models in each family which Dyson currently offers, it seems as if someone was left behind when the Dyson DC24 ball was created. It is only available in the only the Dyson All Floors model, which may leave some pet owners feeling a little slighted and asking, “What about us?” There appears to be no specific reason to explain why a comparable Dyson Animal was not created, but it may just be the fact that Dyson was not able to pack all the Animal functionality into a much smaller package.

While the Dyson DC24 vacuum is much smaller and lighter than its siblings, it still packs quite a punch, making it great for apartment dwellers. Weighing less than 12 pounds, the DC24 is light enough for anyone to carry around the apartment, or small house with ease. Its size also makes is great for storage, especially when space may be at a premium to start with. Just don’t let its small stature fool you. It still comes complete with many of the functions that exist on its larger siblings.

The Dyson DC24 upright vacuum comes equipped with the same Root Cyclone technology that was present on its predecessors. The only difference between this machine and the other Dyson uprights that came before it is the fact that the suction power is almost half that of previous models. Guess this is to be expected since the entire system is smaller than any other model, so it is nearly impossible to put the same suction capacity into a smaller package. Dyson would need to completely re-design its technology in order for its power to fit into a smaller package, and why break what works?

Dyson DC24 All Floors

Although smaller, the Dyson DC24 all floors comes complete with the clear, polycarbonate dust bin that has been seen on previous models. The bin on the DC24 of course will hold less than other models, but its operation is still the same. With the push of a button, the “trap door” opens, releasing all its contents into the trash.

This machine also includes auto height adjustment which makes transitioning from carpets to hard floors a breeze. No need for the user to make any adjustments the DC24 does it for you.  It also comes complete with the reversible wand which can be used for cleaning those hard to reach spots. Just disassemble the handle assembly and re-assemble in the accessory mode, and you are ready to attack all those ugly spider webs you could never reach by hand.

The DC24 also comes complete with a lifetime HEPA filter, and this model, like its predecessors is also certified by the Asthma & Allergy Association which makes it great for allergy suffers. It also comes complete with Dyson’s Ball technology which makes the DC24 easy to drive, allowing you to clean every last corner you were unable to get to with your old vacuum.

Dyson DC24 Reversible Wand

Unlike its predecessors, the DC24 upright comes with a unique accessory. Due to the machines smaller size, there is a limited amount of storage space on top of the canister which requires some tool changes. This vacuum comes with the combination accessory tool that is not found on any other Dyson model. The tool can either act as a crevice tool or can be extended to function as a dusting brush, eliminating the need for extra space to store two separate tools.

Since the only difference between the Dyson Ball DC24 and previous Dyson All Floors models is its size, you may be wondering why it’s worth the extra cash when compared to the more affordable models provided by a wide array of competitors.  The DC24’s biggest advantage is its size. Since it is smaller and lighter than any other Dyson model, it is perfect for apartment dwellers or those who live in smaller houses that may be short on storage space.  It is also much lighter than any of its predecessors, which makes carrying it up and down stairs a breeze. This is a plus for those who may struggle with larger machines or have medical conditions that prevent them from carrying more than a certain weight.

The Dyson DC24, like is predecessor the Dyson DC15, also contains the “ball” technology which makes maneuvering the vacuum around furniture and into tight spaces a breeze. This is great for homes where space is at a premium and you just don’t have the extra space to “swing” your vacuum into those tight corners.

Dyson DC24 All Floors

While the DC24 ball may appear to be the DC15 ball, only in a smaller package, this is not exactly the case. The DC24 upright provides almost half the suction power of its bigger brother. This lack of true power is its biggest flaw, especially when suction is Dyson’s biggest selling point. Allergy suffers may find that their symptoms still linger, since the machine will not be able suck out the same amount of dust mites and dander that its bigger brother could. This is not to say that the vacuum does not do a good job of cleaning, it’s just not as strong as some of its predecessors which prevents it from performing the true, deep down clean, that you have come to expect from Dyson.

Its size is also a factor when it comes to dirt storage. Since the clear bin is much smaller than that on its predecessors, you may find yourself having to empty the bin a lot more often. Bin capacity may be reached quite fast, especially if you are doing a lot of rug vacuuming. One needs to decide if its smaller size is really worth the extra effort, unless you are really strapped for storage space.

Pet owners may want to steer clear of this model. Although previous All Floors models do quite well at picking up pet fur, the DC24’s lower sucking power may result in pet fur being left behind. Unless you own a hairless cat, or non-shedding dog, this is not the vacuum for you and your pet friendly home.

Dyson DC24 Bin

Its smaller stature can also cause some problems when it comes to cleaning. Its hose is shorter than that included with its bigger siblings which can cause some issues when it comes to cleaning stairs. While other Dyson models can sit on the floor, leaving you two hands to clean with, the DC24 may need to be carried, and balanced precariously on a lower step. While it is true this model weighs less than its predecessors, it will still be quite painful to watch your expensive new “toy” tumble to the bottom of the stairs because it slipped out of your hands.

In conclusion, the Dyson DC24 Ball is great for those who lack storage space in their home. Pet owners should look to dedicated Animal models for optimal performance where pet hair is concerned. Although it does lack the true suction power that is present on its predecessors, it can still provide a thorough clean, just not the deep down clean that you have come to expect from Dyson.  Be sure to check out the Dyson DC24 reviews and ratings supplied by the users below or, if you’d like, please add one from your own experience.

Technical Specifications

Model: DC24 All Floors
Category: Upright
Dimensions: 43.3” x 11.0” x 13.7”
Weight: 11.65 lbs
Capacity: 0.19 Gallon
Power: 650 Watts
Suction: 115 Air Watts*
Cord Length: 20 ft.
Maximum Reach: 28.72 ft.

Product Features

Configuration: Dyson DC24 All Floors
Root Cyclone Technology
Ball Technology
Ultra-lightweight and compact
Reversible wand
Combo Tool
Motorized brushbar
Durable Construction
Collapsible Handle
Trigger Quick Empty
Lifetime Filters
Warranty: 5 years parts & labor
HEPA filtration technology

* Air Watts (the power of a vacuum cleaner is best measured in airwatts or ‘suction power’; Power wattage only indicates how much electricity is actually used.)
* Cyclonic Power (this debris capture method provides constant suction that never loses power.)
* HEPA (High Efficiency Particle Arrestor)

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