Suction Power3.593.593.593.593.59
Light Weight2.762.762.762.762.76

Dyson DC17 Review

Dyson DC17 Vacuum Cleaner

Dyson DC17 Reviews and Ratings

Dyson has added yet another member to its repertoire in the form of the model DC17 upright vacuum. Unlike its predecessors which come in either safety yellow or purple, this model changes the color scheme a bit with its offering of the Dyson DC17 Asthma & Allergy model and the Dyson DC17 Absolute Animal model. The DC17 Asthma version wears mostly grey with the cyclone cover tinted a lovely shade of teal while the cyclone cover on the DC17 Animal is a deep crystalline purple. It appears as if Dyson took a step back from is standard color scheme with this model since neither really stands out from the lot and you need to make sure you keep your eyes peeled otherwise you may walk right by the one that you are looking for.

While each model is unique in its own way, they both have a lot in common. The DC17 sports an upgraded version of the Dyson Root Cyclone technology in the form of Level 3 Root Cyclone technology. As if it was almost impossible for Dyson to improve on the suction power that it provides in all its models, they have delivered an even better version of its best suction power. The level 3 version provides an even further separation of dust and dirt particles when compared to the performance of its predecessors. Suction power will remain constant, resulting in the demise of every last dust mite or pet dander particle that may have taken up residence in your carpet.

The Dyson DC17 also makes stairs and those hard to reach areas a breeze to clean. With 16 feet of hose, cleaning the stairs is no longer the most dreaded chore in your cleaning regime. Unlike with competitor’s vacuums, the DC17 stays on the ground floor while you climb to the top of the stairs, nozzle in hand. The machine also comes complete with a telescoping reach wand which is perfect for sucking up every last kitty fur tumbleweed that may be cowering in the corner, or the ancient spider web you just could never reach with your old vacuum.

Dyson DC17 Animal

Those that have a wide range of surfaces will be quite pleased with the various DC17 uprights. The vacuum can easily transition between hardwoods and carpet without requiring any adjustments to be made by the operator. This guarantees you will suck up every last furball or dust mite without a change in suction performance. This machine also offers a Brush Control Switch which allows the operator to turn off the beater bar with just a quick press of a button. No more worries about scratching your expensive hardwood floors. The DC17 will keep everything sparkling clean while in the best possible shape at the same time.

Both machines also come with three on board tools which are perfect for those areas that are just too small for the main vacuum to get to. Whether you need to clean some dust bunnies out of the corners of the couch, or need to vacuum the dust off your precious electronics the DC17 offers just the right tools to make cleaning a breeze.

The DC17 Allergy or Animal, like all of Dyson’s other models, is great for allergy suffers. With its lifetime HEPA filter and a certification by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, this vacuum is sure to improve the quality of air in your home. Combine that with a washable filter than can retain particles down to 0.1 micron’s in size and the DC17 is sure to improve the quality of life in your home.

Dyson DC17 Cyclone

Now you may be asking yourself, if both models are already certified by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation, then why should I spend the money for the Dyson DC17 Asthma & Allergy vacuum? While it is true that the Absolute Animal and the Asthma & Allergy model share a lot in common, the Asthma & Allergy model comes with three extra tools that you would normally have to buy a la carte with any other model. This Dyson comes complete with a soft dusting brush, mattress tool and flexible crevice tool. These tools allow the allergy suffer to use the sucking power of the Dyson to effectively clean the areas of the home that can be most problematic for the allergy sufferer.

The Absolute Animal on the other hand comes with the same add-ons like the Dyson Animal’s that came before it. It comes equipped with the Animal Mini Turbine Head, Low Reach Floor Accessory and the Carpet care kit, all of which are geared towards helping the pet owner keep their home in perfect shape. No matter how many pets they may own.

While the DC17, like the rest of the Dyson DC line, delivers great performance with great cleaning power, it is not without its own flaws. Both models come complete with add-on tools, but there is no place on the vacuum itself to store them. Tools will need to find their home in a closet or somewhere similar, and the owner will need to remember when they last saw their tools, which can be quite a pain at times. Especially when you need to the last minute couch de-furring before the in-laws arrive.

Dyson DC17 Uprights

The DC17 model is still quite heavy for a vacuum. Weighing in at nearly 20 lbs, the machine can be quite cumbersome for the lady or the children of the house to lug up and down stairs. Even though it comes complete with an ergonomic handle, there is still a lot of heft to throw around.

One other flaw can actually be attributed to the vacuums best asset. Houses with long haired females will become quite aware of this issue. Since the Dyson DC17 vacuum, like its predecessors, provides such outstanding suction power, the occasional stray long hair will quickly wrap itself around the beater bar without ever making it to the dirt canister. This can be easily remedied if you don’t mind getting your hands a little dirty. All you will need is a good pair of scissors and some time to extricate the hair from around the beater bar and then you will be good to go.

In conclusion, the Dyson DC17 provides quality cleaning power all in a handy package. While the Asthma & Allergy model comes complete with extra tools that can easily be purchased as add-on’s for any of Dyson’s other models, you will need to decide for yourself if it’s really worth the money. Both deliver great power and performance that is sure to keep your home in great shape, no matter how chaotic your life may be. Be sure to check out the Dyson DC17 reviews and ratings supplied by the users below or, if you’d like, please add one from your own experience.

Dyson DC17 Bin

Technical Specifications

Model: DC17 Asthma & Allergy Model: DC17 Absolute Animal
Category: Upright Category: Upright
Dimensions: 43.5” x 13.2” x 16.7” Dimensions: 43.5” x 13.2” x 16.7”
Weight: 20.56 lbs Weight: 20.56 lbs
Capacity: 0.66 Gallon Capacity: 0.66 Gallon
Power: 1200 Watts Power: 1200 Watts
Suction: 220 Air Watts* Suction: 220 Air Watts*
Cord Length: 35 ft. Cord Length: 35 ft.
Maximum Reach: 51 ft. Maximum Reach: 51 ft.

Product Features

Configuration: Dyson DC17Asthma & Allergy Configuration: Dyson DC17 Absolute Animal
Level 3 Root Cyclone Technology Level 3 Root Cyclone Technology
Stair Cleaning Quick Draw Hose Stair Cleaning Quick Draw Hose
Air Flow Tools Air Flow Tools
Motorized Beaterbar Motorized Beaterbar
Brush Control Brush Control
Durable Construction Durable Construction
16 foot hose 16 foot hose
Trigger Quick Empty Trigger Quick Empty
Lifetime Filters Lifetime Filters
Warranty: 5 years Warranty: 5 years
Edge Cleaning Whiskers Edge Cleaning Whiskers
HEPA filtration technology HEPA filtration technology
Soft Dusting Brush Animal Turbo Tool
Mattress Tool Carpet Care Kit
Flexible Crevice Tool Low Reach Floor Tool
Animal Turbo Tool
Carpet Care Kit
Low Reach Floor Tool

* Air Watts (the power of a vacuum cleaner is best measured in airwatts or ‘suction power’; Power wattage only indicates how much electricity is actually used.)
* Cyclonic Power (this debris capture method provides constant suction that never loses power.)
* HEPA (High Efficiency Particle Arrestor)

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