Suction Power4.
Light Weight3.

Dyson DC15 Review

Dyson DC15 Vacuum Cleaner

Dyson DC15 Reviews and Ratings

If you are considering upgrading your current upright vacuum, and are intrigued by the “Ball” technology, then you may want to check out the Dyson DC15. The DC15 is the first member of Dyson’s Ball model line and provides a new twist to the average vacuum. This model, just like Dyson’s other models is available in either the All Floors or the Animal and the colors are the same as well. Now all you need to do is determine which DC15 is right for you.

With the wide range of models that Dyson offers, you may be wondering why this model is better than the others. The Dyson DC15 Ball is the first to sport a different drive train than the previous models – it drives like a dream and may actually make cleaning less of a chore and more of a pleasure. When in motion, all it takes is just a flick of the wrist to get the vacuum to go where you want it to go. The back wheels move up and out of the way, leaving you to balance only on the ball, which is what makes quick turns possible. Its competitors make you push and struggle with the vacuum, which we all are aware can become quite straining after awhile. The DC15 only requires a twist of the wrist to get it to go where you want it to go. This makes cleaning around furniture and getting into those tight spaces that your old vacuum may have missed, a breeze.

The DC15 vacuum also offers users the same great Root Cyclone technology that exists on all other Dyson models. This technology provides the greatest suction power of any other model on the market and is sure to get all the “stuff” out of your carpets that you may not have even known existed. Your house is sure to be more sanitary because of it.

DC15 All Floors and Animal

There have been a few improvements made to the DC15 upright that are not available on previous models. It offers users a wider channel which allows the machine to pick up larger debris that may reside on your floor, making it great for cleanup after those art projects that may have gone awry or the big game party the night before.

The DC15 also provides users with 17 feet of hose, which makes cleaning the stairs much more of a breeze. No longer will you need to balance the machine on the stairs with one hand while cleaning with the other. Dyson’s improvements over its competitors allows you to leave the vacuum on the floor where it belongs, while providing a thorough cleaning to your stairs, returning them to the glory you once thought was gone for good.

Changes have been made to the internal workings as well. The DC15 contains two motors, instead of the one that resided in the bodies of its predecessors. With this upgrade one motor is dedicated to keeping suction at top performance while the other is dedicated to running the beater bar. This change is sure to keep the beater bar functioning at its best, which is sure to suck every last dust mite out of your carpet.

DC15 Ball All Floors

The best feature of the DC15 is its HEPA Filtration and the fact that it is Asthma and Allergy Foundation certified, which makes it great for those who suffer from some of the most common allergies. This feature will actually improve the air you breathe, making it great for those who suffer from pet dander allergies, but can’t bear to part with their beloved furry, four legged friend.

While the Dyson DC15 Ball Animal and the Dyson DC15 Ball All Floors model share a lot of the same traits, there are a few features that are unique only to the Animal.  It comes complete with the Animal Turbo tool which makes it great for getting every last strand of cat fur off your couch or chair.  Your furniture will always look its best, leaving your guests to think you don’t own a pet.

The Dyson DC15 Animal also comes with the low reach floor tool, which will help you annihilate every last fur ball that has hidden itself under your bed or favorite chair.  Dust and cat fur tumbleweeds will be a thing of the past with the strength of the Animal at your disposal. There is also the included carpet care kit that comes complete with a bag of Zorb powder and a can of Dysolv Spray that can help you improve the look of your carpets. Pet stains will be a thing of the past with this carpet care kit in your arsenal.

DC15 Ball Animal

While the DC15 upright vacuum provides the same quality performance that you have come to expect from the Dyson line, it is not without its flaws.  Weighing in at nearly 20 pounds, the DC15 is one of the heaviest models in the Dyson line. While it does have an ergonomic handle, its heft can make it quite a challenge for women and children to carry up and down stairs. Another minor flaw with the DC15 is that it doesn’t lay flat like some of its competitor’s models. While this is in no way a major problem for the vacuum, it may require you to move some furniture in order to get your room perfectly clean.

One of the DC15’s biggest benefits can also be considered a flaw. While we all are well versed in the usability of a vacuum, the DC15 actually requires you to forget everything you have already learned. While most vacuums require you to push it around this vacuum can be driven with just a twist of your wrist. This feature may be foreign to many and will require learning a new technique but once you learn it, your vacuuming duties will become a breeze.

In conclusion, the Dyson DC15 Ball provides a new drive train and upgraded features that make it better than the models that came before it. The DC15 All Floors model is great for the average homeowner, while the Animal is great for the active family that loves their pets, but not the wads of fur they leave behind. Whether you live in a pet friendly home or are unhappy with the performance of your current vacuum, the DC15 is sure to satisfy all your cleaning needs, resulting in a better environment for you and your family. Be sure to check out the Dyson DC15 reviews and ratings supplied by the users below or, if you’d like, please add one from your own experience.

DC15 Bin

Technical Specifications

Model: DC15 All Floors Model: DC15 Animal
Category: Upright Category: Upright
Dimensions: 44.09” x 13.66” x 11.41” Dimensions: 44.09” x 13.66” x 11.41”
Weight: 19.2 lbs Weight: 19.2 lbs
Capacity: 0.71 Gallon Capacity: 0.71 Gallon
Power: 1200 Watts Power: 1200 Watts
Suction: 220 Air Watts* Suction: 220 Air Watts*
Cord Length: 37 ft. Cord Length: 37 ft.
Maximum Reach: 51 ft. Maximum Reach: 51 ft.

Product Features

Configuration: Dyson DC15 All Floors Configuration: Dyson DC15 Animal
Stair Cleaning Quick Draw Hose Stair Cleaning Quick Draw Hose
The Ball The Ball
Air Flow Tools Air Flow Tools
Motorized Beaterbar Motorized Beaterbar
Brush Control Brush Control
Glides into Awkward Spaces Glides into Awkward Spaces
Wide Channel Wide Channel
Durable Construction Durable Construction
17 foot hose 17 foot hose
Trigger Quick Empty Trigger Quick Empty
Lifetime Filters Lifetime Filters
Warranty: 5 years Warranty: 5 years
Edge Cleaning Whiskers Edge Cleaning Whiskers
Bagless Cyclonic Power Bagless Cyclonic Power
HEPA filtration technology HEPA filtration technology
Animal Turbo Tool
Carpet Care Kit
Low Reach Floor Tool

* Air Watts (the power of a vacuum cleaner is best measured in airwatts or ‘suction power’; Power wattage only indicates how much electricity is actually used.)
* Cyclonic Power (this debris capture method provides constant suction that never loses power.)
* HEPA (High Efficiency Particle Arrestor)

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