Suction Power3.393.393.393.393.39
Light Weight2.632.632.632.632.63

Dyson DC07 Review

Dyson DC07 Vacuum Cleaner

Dyson DC07 Reviews and Ratings

If you are in the market for a new vacuum, and have heard all the hype about how great the Dyson vacuums are, then you may want to check out the Dyson DC07 Upright. The DC07 was one of the first models available to US buyers. You may have noticed that each Dyson model has its own color, while many other vacuum manufacturers offer a wide range of colors to suit the buyers fancy, Dyson’s colors actually represents the type of vacuum, regardless of its model number. Make sure not to confuse the two as the colors Dyson has chosen actually serve a purpose. The DC07 – like many of the other Dyson vacuum cleaners – comes in two flavors, the Dyson DC07 All Floors and the Dyson DC07 Animal. The All floors model comes in what only can be classified as safety yellow while the Animal comes in what looks like a subdued lavender color. These color delineations apply to every model that Dyson offers so all that’s left is to determine which Dyson DC07 upright vacuum works best for you and your needs.

While each model is unique in its own way, the All Floors model and the Animal share a lot of similarities as well. The Dyson DC07 Upright line can be classified as one of the most powerful upright vacuums when compared to other upright competitors on the market. With the use of Dyson’s Root Cyclone technology, the DC07 provides a higher suction power that will pick up more dust. If you don’t believe it, try it for yourself. Vacuum your room with a competitor model, and then vacuum with the DC07. You will be amazed at the amount of extra dust, and maybe even pet fur the DC07 will pick up that the other vacuum left behind. This just goes to prove that not all vacuums are created equal. Along with is strong “sucking” power; pardon the pun, but the DC07 line is built to last. While it may be another of the many vacuums that is made of plastic, the DC07 line is made from the same material that crash helmets are made out of which results in a product that will last as long as the mechanical parts do. No worries about having to toss a perfectly good, working vacuum into the trash because of a cracked piece of plastic that hinders its performance. The DC07 can take all the abuse you can throw at it and keep going. DC07 Animal Partnered with this heavy-duty package is a clear dirt receptacle that offers a few different advantages. You will no longer need to play a guessing game with your vacuum cleaners bag. We’ve all been there. Your vacuum stops performing as well as you’d hope so you replace the bag, to later find out it was only half full.  The DC07 eliminates the need for those expensive bags and allows you to see at a glance when its time to empty it. You also have a chance to retrieve precious items that may have been sucked up on accident. No need to tear open a bag to retrieve the earring you forgot you had dropped on the floor. With the DC07 you can remove it from the bin and just keep on vacuuming. When it comes time to empty the receptacle, cleanup is a breeze. Your hands never touch the dirt. Just press one button and the “trap door” located on the bottom of the bin releases the contents into the garbage. Just close the door and you are ready to go. The Dyson DC07 Upright also provides you with a wealth of functionality, and all are located right on board.  If you have ever fought the frustrating battle of trying to vacuum your stairs while precariously balancing the machine while you vacuum, you may have wished more than once for a hose that would go the distance. The DC07 delivers on this wish and provides you with a 17-foot quick draw hose. Just press the catch, attach your high velocity airflow tool of choice and you are ready to go. Now you can safely vacuum the stairs, or any other hard to reach area without worrying about the machine falling over. The high velocity airflow tools are also unique to Dyson’s vacuums. Odds are you have fought the tug of war battle with your vacuums tools at one point or another and have given up on either vacuuming your curtains or upholstery because you just got tired of all the fighting. Well fight no more. The tools on the DC07 offer continuous airflow that makes the curtain tug of war a thing of the past. DC07 All Floors Vacuuming your floor is also a joy with the DC07. It has the perfect balance and makes it a breeze to maneuver around furniture. No fighting with a clumsy vacuum that you can never seem to maneuver into the right spot. Just point it and it goes. The DC07 also does all the work for you when it comes to changing between floor types. Whether you’re vacuuming hardwood floors or carpet, the DC07 automatically adjust for changes in height. No need to fumble with confusing and difficult to use knobs or dials of the competitors, the DC07 does the work for you.

One of the most important features to the DC07 is that it is approved for allergy suffers. Whether its pet dander, dust mites or pollen, the DC07 utilizes a HEPA filter that has a surface are of 416 square inches which retains the largest amount of microscopic dust particles and allergens. The DC07 helps you breathe better which makes you feel better.

Now that you know all that the All Floors and Animal have to offer, you may be wondering what makes the Animal worth a higher price tag. First the Animal is geared towards the pet owner. Whether you have a dog or a longhaired cat, odds are you may find yourself constantly cleaning, cringing every time someone sits in Fluffy’s favorite chair because you know they will leave with more fur than they came in with.

DC07 Animal

The Animal contains all the features that the All Floors model has to offer, but it throws in a few more tools that are geared specifically to pet owners. Most important, it comes with the Turbo Tool for pet hair pickup. This can best be classified as a powered handheld beater bar nozzle that works great for removing pet hair from carpet pile or upholstery. Worry no more about your guests leaving covered in cat fur, the DC07 provides you with the tools to keep your furniture and your house clean and pet hair free.

The Animal also comes complete with a bag of Zorb carpet cleaning powder and a can of Dysolv spray. Both may be geared towards removing the lingering pet odors and stains that may be in your home, but they can also be used for basic cleaning, whether it is removing food stains or drink spills. When combined with the power of the DC07, these cleaning agents will improve any trouble spot you have to throw at it.

While both the DC07 All Floors and the Animal perform great in many aspects of cleaning, the one downside to the DC07 is the price. I too, had serious concerns about spending so much money on a vacuum, especially when you can by a few of the cheaper models for the price of just one DC07. Dyson’s are more expensive than most of the vacuums currently on the market, but as the saying always goes, you get what you pay for and this is so true with the DC07.

DC07 Animal Bin

One other minor frustration can be the dirt receptacle. While Dyson has come up with a great idea of building in a trap door, rug fuzz and pet fur sometimes have a way of sticking to the air intake, which sometimes requires having to reach your hand in to remove the “cling-ons” in an effort to completely clear the air flow. While this is by no means a major flaw, it can sometimes be a cause for frustration, especially in multi-pet homes.

In conclusion, the Dyson DC07 Upright provides the quality you would expect from Dyson. The All Floors model works great for the average non-pet household since it provides you with a cleaner, fresher smelling home, while leaving you more time to do other things. As for the pet owner, especially those who have multi-pet households, then the Animal is a must. It helps you keep your carpets and upholstery free of pet hair so you have more time to enjoy the love and attention that Fluffy or Spot have to offer.  Regardless of your needs, the DC07 provides the cleaning performance that is the answer to all your cleaning prayers.  Be sure to check out the Dyson DC07 reviews and ratings supplied by the users below or, if you’d like, please add one from your own experience.

Technical Specifications

Model: DC07 All Floors Model: DC07 Animal
Category: Upright Category: Upright
Dimensions: 46.1” x 14.0” x 13.4” Dimensions: 46.1” x 14.0” x 13.4”
Weight: 19.2 lbs Weight: 19.2 lbs
Capacity: 1.06 Gallon Capacity: 1.06 Gallon
Power: 1400 Watt Power: 1400 Watt
Suction: 270 Air Watts* Suction: 270 Air Watts*
Cord Length: 37 ft. Cord Length: 37 ft.
Maximum Reach: 53 ft. Maximum Reach: 53 ft.

Product Features

Configuration: Dyson DC07 All Floors Configuration: Dyson DC07 Animal
Animal Turbo Tool
Low Reach Floor Tool
Carpet Care Kit
Stair Cleaning Quick Draw Hose Stair Cleaning Quick Draw Hose
Air Flow Tools Air Flow Tools
Brush Control Brush Control
Glides into Awkward Spaces Glides into Awkward Spaces
Durable Construction Durable Construction
Reversible Wand Reversible Wand
Trigger Quick Empty Trigger Quick Empty
Edge Leaning Whiskers Edge Cleaning Whiskers
Lifetime Filters Lifetime Filters
Capacity full indicator Capacity full indicator
Warranty: 2 years parts and labor Warranty: 2 years parts and labor
Bagless Cyclonic Power* Bagless Cyclonic Power*
HEPA filtration technology* HEPA filtration technology*

* Air Watts (the power of a vacuum cleaner is best measured in airwatts or ‘suction power’; Power wattage only indicates how much electricity is actually used.)
* Cyclonic Power (this debris capture method provides constant suction that never loses power.)
* HEPA (High Efficiency Particle Arrestor)

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