Dyson Buying Guide

Choosing the Right Dyson for Your Needs: Dyson Buying Guide

If you have finally decided to purchase a Dyson vacuum cleaner, you may now be stuck with the choice of which one to get. While the suction power that Dyson offers is the same on every model, excluding the DC18, choosing the right model will be based on your cleaning needs. While the most common Dyson models are the All Floors and the Animal, some of Dyson’s earlier models offer other, lesser known models with different accessory levels, and one of these models is sure to fit your cleaning needs. Keep in mind the All Floors and Animal, regardless of model, can still be purchased new from a variety of online and offline retailers but earlier models like the Dyson DC17 Total Clean are available from many retailers as refurbished units only, since these and many of the earlier models are no longer made.

Since all of Dyson models are bagless vacuum cleaners, one of the first decisions you will need to make is the type of vacuum you are looking for. Do you prefer an upright model, a canister vacuum, or do you need a handheld vacuum so you can take care of those small messes that don’t require dragging your full size vacuum out of the closet to clean up. Handheld vacuums provide users with the power of a full size vacuum, just in a smaller package. These models are great for quick cleanups and save you the hassle of having to drag your full size vacuum out of the closet for a small task. While handheld models usually serve only one purpose, choosing between a canister and upright vacuum is usually a matter of preference. Both machines offer the same performance you have come to expect from Dyson, but each offers a different form of functionality.

Upright vacuums require the user to push the full weight of the vacuum around and are more compact with all their attachments located within easy reach, no matter what the cleaning task. Canister vacuums on the other hand provide you with a lightweight, easy to maneuver nozzle connected to a separate unit that contains the powerhouse of the vacuum. Of these three vacuum types, there is really not one that is better than the others. Choosing the best vacuum cleaner is more a matter of your own personal preference, and cleaning needs since each machine performs quite well.

DC25 Dyson Ball All Floors

After deciding what type of Dyson vacuum cleaner you would be interested in, you should next determine which type of “drivetrain” you would like your vacuum to have. Dyson offers the standard four wheel version that can be found on all its competitors’ machines as well as the Dyson Ball. The ball is much easier to use and with just a quick twist of your wrist, the vacuum can easily maneuver around furniture and other obstacles that may be in your home. Determining which style vacuum you prefer will help greatly in determining which vacuum is best for you since the Ball is only available on Dyson’s DC15, DC24 and DC25.

Next you will want to determine the type of vacuum cleaner accessories you will need. While most of Dyson’s vacuum cleaners come equipped with the standard crevice tool, dusting tool, and stair tool, earlier models like the DC07 offered package options that came with no tools at all in order to help the consumer save some money. When these machines first came out it was more of an all or nothing purchase. Either you decided to go all out and get the machine that came equipped with every accessory you could possibly think of, or you went without by saving a few bucks by purchasing the model that came with no accessories at all.

A perfect example of this is the Dyson DC15. When this model first came out, those who wanted the functionality of the Turbo Tool had to purchase the Animal because this accessory was not available for purchase on its own. A lot has changed since then because now consumers have the option to purchase accessories separately either from Dyson’s site or other reputable Dyson dealers. With this option you now have a choice. If money is no option you can choose to purchase the machine that comes with all the accessories that you could possibly think of, but if you are on a budget, you can purchase a lesser equipped model that can be upgraded with additional accessories at a later point in time.

Dyson Canisters and Dyson Uprights

Another buying option is to choose a refurbished Dyson over one of its new, more expensive, counterparts. While saving money is always good, some buyers may be leery of refurbished models because they think they will cause nothing but problems down the road. Refurbished models are sometimes as good if not better than their new counterparts. Many models are labeled as refurbished because they may have failed a final test after coming of the manufacturing line. Many of these models are brand new and have yet to be touched by the buying public, but they cannot be considered new because it needs to be repaired and retested before it receives the stamp of approval allowing it to be shipped out and available for purchase by the public.

If you are interested in one of the newer models, like the DC24 or DC25, purchasing a refurbished model may be able to save you a lot of money because these models are more likely to still be brand new yet were labeled as refurbished because they had to have maintenance done at the factory as opposed to older models which have a higher probability of being a customer return.

Lastly you will want to take the vacuums weight into consideration, especially if you have health issues that may prevent you from carrying one of the larger, heavier units. Dyson offers a compact version of its popular upright in the form of the DC24, but this model is not as strong as its other upright siblings, and is geared toward smaller homes and apartment dwellers. Dyson also offers the DC18 which offers the same performance as it siblings, just in a slimmer package. It weighs less than other models and may be an option for those who are either short on storage space or who require a lighter machine.

DC18 Slim All Floors

In conclusion, Dyson offers a variety of bagless vacuum cleaners with one that is sure to suit your cleaning needs. Take the time to take your cleaning needs and budget into consideration, and soon you will have the perfect Dyson vacuum that may make cleaning more of a pleasure than the dreaded chore it has become. Be sure to check out the other Dyson vacuum guides and articles on DysonReviews.com. We offer numerous Dyson reviews and Dyson ratings supplied by actual vacuum owners and users who have posted their feedback on this site.