Dyson All Floors vs Animal

Dyson All Floors vs. The Dyson Animal Which is the Best type of Vacuum Cleaner

If you are considering purchasing a Dyson vacuum, you may be stuck trying to decide whether the Dyson All Floors or Dyson Animal model is the best for your needs. Since nearly every Dyson model offers both versions, getting past the market hype and choosing the one that best suits your needs can be downright frustrating.  Most will tell you that you must purchase the Animal if you own pets, but is it really worth the extra money We will explain the differences between the two models that are offered on the DC07, DC14, DC15, DC17 and DC25 so you can make an informed decision.

In order to make the right decision, you first need to know what they have in common. Both the All Floors and the Animal offer the same Root Cyclone technology that has made the Dyson vacuum cleaners line so popular. This suction power allows the machine to perform at peak performance no matter how full the dust bin gets. This allows the Dyson vacuum to pick up every last particle of dust that most competitors’ machines leave behind. Both machines also offer the same clear, hygienic, easy to empty dust bin. Although the size of the dust bin may vary between model numbers, both utilize the same “trap door” technology that opens at the push of a button on either model.

When it comes to their cleaning abilities, performance of the Dyson All Floors vacuum model and the Dyson Animal vacuum are the same.  They both automatically height adjust when transitioning from carpets to hard floors. This feature provides for a seamless transition, while not requiring any input from the user. There is no need to bend down and fidget with any adjustable knobs or buttons to lower or raise the suction area, no need to guess on the right height for the machine, the vacuum does it for you. The All Floors and the Animal, excluding the Dyson DC07 and Dyson DC14 lines, comes equipped with a motorized brushbar and a wider channel for picking up larger debris. The motorized brushbar essentially “beats” your carpets to loosen the trapped dirt so the vacuums suction power can pick it up, while the wider channel allows the vacuum to pick up larger items, such as small stones or craft confetti that may have landed on the floor. When these features are combined with the Dyson Root Cyclone technology, either vacuum cleaner can provide a deep down clean to all carpets.

Dyson Root Cyclone

If you need to clean more than just the carpets and hardwood floors in your home, you will be quite satisfied with the onboard features that both the Dyson All Floors and Dyson Animal provide. Both come equipped with three different high-velocity air flow tools. All models, excluding the Dyson DC25 ball come equipped with a stair, crevice and dusting tool which allows users to clean either the upholstery or curtains, without having to play the dreaded “tug of war” that is involved with most other machines. The All Floors vacuum and Animal vacuum also come equipped with an expandable hose and a long reach wand that allows you to clean stairs as well as all the hard to reach areas in your home.

Allergy suffers will be more than satisfied with either model. The Asthma and Allergy Foundation certify both the Animal and the All Floors Dyson vacuum cleaner configurations as being allergy friendly.  Also, both vacuums come standard equipped with a HEPA filter. This feature only allows clean air to be retuned back into the room, providing you with cleaner air to breathe, while decreasing the number of allergens that currently exist in your home.

Overall, the drivetrain and performance of both the All Floors and Animal vacuums are the same regardless of the model number that you choose. Where the differences become evident are with the additional options that the Animal comes equipped with.  Keep in mind that both versions come in the Dyson upright vacuums, Dyson canister vacuums, and the Dyson handheld vacuums categories.

Dyson Animal Low Reach Attachment

Most earlier models of the Animal come equipped with a low reach tool and a carpet cleaning kit that contain a bag of Zorb carpet cleaning powder and a can of Dysolv spray. The carpet kit provides users with the tools to remove an array of stains from their rugs, whether caused by pets or other sources. The Dyson low reach tool also allows users the ability to clean under low furniture where the main suction channel of the vacuum cleaner cannot reach.  Recent models, such as the DC25 Ball Animal have done away with these add-on’s but they can still be purchased separately from a reputable vacuum retailer.

The most common tool that is only available with the Animal is the Turbo Tool. This feature is pretty much a handheld motorized beater bar, which is geared towards helping pet owners with removal of the pesky pet fur from a wide range of upholstery and other surfaces that the main vacuum beater bar can’t reach.

These are the only features that make the Animal different than the All Floors model.  Many sites or stores will hype the Dyson Animal vacuum cleaner as the machine you just “have” to get if you have multiple pets in your home.  While earlier models did not offer the option to purchase these vacuum cleaner accessories separately, these features can now be purchased separately if you really “must” have them. Although I am an Animal owner, I can not essentially recommend the Dyson Animal over the Dyson All Floors model, mainly because of the price difference between the two. If you do take the cost of each accessory into account and add their cost on top of the cost of the All Floors model, the price pretty much equals out to be about the same as purchasing the Animal.

Dyson All Floors Low Reach Attachment

Unlike the model I purchased, newer Animals only come equipped with the Dyson Turbo Tool, which I believe is the best vacuum attachment feature out there. If you have long haired cats or any other pet that claims your favorite chair or your couch as their own, this feature will help greatly with removing the pet hair, but it still comes down to price.

In conclusion, you really need to take your needs into consideration when deciding whether the All Floors or Animal is best for you. While the Animal offers some added cleaning features, these features are available for purchase by themselves if you are really not sure if they will serve a purpose in your home. While both Dyson vacuum configurations perform quite well in their own right, only you can determine if your cleaning needs really justify the needs of another Animal in your home.  Be sure to check out the other Dyson vacuum guides and articles on DysonReviews.com. We offer numerous Dyson reviews and Dyson ratings supplied by actual vacuum owners and users who have posted their feedback on this site.

Dyson DC24 Ball All Floors Certified Asthma Friendly